What are the drawbacks of cultural diversity?

Having a diversified community is a plus point of modern industries. But some cultural drawbacks come along with this diversity. The most common drawbacks are social tension, workplace issues, and linguistic barriers. The modern era is moving forward toward a more diversified world and all these minor drawbacks will be eradicated by using different techniques.

Linguistic  Barriers: 

The linguistic barrier. different people speak in different languages and they are unable to share your thoughts and ideas properly with their team members.  This creates a lot of issues and disturbs the normal working of an organization. When people of different languages sit at a table for discussion, language acts as a barrier as many of them are unable to understand or speak English properly if they are from an area where English is not their mother tongue. So they discriminate in that environment. To avoid this tension many countries prefer that the person should learn their language before entering their workspaces and community.

Social tension:

The main reason for this social tension is cultural differences. The other reason for this social anxiety is tension between the secular state of Europe and the Muslim community. Muslim communities are treated badly in Europe and they are not offered better employment and educational opportunities. The image of communities is not good in front of each other. They keep blaming each other for different events in their societies. European is in majority there and they rule on other communities.

Workplace Issues:

In many European countries, we see black and white communities dominating each other. The white community is the dominant one and they discriminate black community. These communities are socially discriminated against. They don’t like to do a job in a place where they are diverse because they don’t feel safe there. They always feel the risk of being discriminated against all time.

These are some drawbacks that show that the diversified community still has active trust issues and they are unable to work properly in a diversified environment. we should work on it and develop a more organized system where all diversified communities could work properly.

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