When you make a sale, it should come to mind that your relationship with that customer has not ended. It has only started and you have many things to look forward to. At the same time, you can also come to understand that every stage in the cycle is important. There is no way you can put too much importance on one of them at the expense of others. Here are the main steps in the customer life cycle and how you can manage them.

Identifying your target market

This is where you are putting your house in order and you may not even know what to expect. During this early phase, you may need to give your clients enough data to make them understand why you have come. Most of the time, you can even make a sale at this stage.

Market your product well with hot content

This is where you have a chance of trying out some content marketing techniques. You need to do it so well. It does not matter whether you are dealing with a new product or something they already know. Make sure you sell it to your best ability. The results will show and you will love it.

Start trying out customer proactivity

You do not need to wait for a customer to come to you. You have to anticipate. Look into the needs of your clients and make sure you are ready. In being proactive, you have to be sharp and ready. Make sure you understand what they want. In being proactive, many of their complaints will not even come to a bitter summit. They will come to love what you are doing. It will be easy to make sure that you win many clients along the way. When they feel cared for, they will stay. Proactive customer service is good for all seasons.

Eliminate friction right from buying

The secret is to make sure that your fees are clear and your clients already know what you are offering. If you want, you can even ask for the right way to do it depending on where you are. In some cases, removing misunderstandings needs you to state the terms in a clear.

Personalize the service even after buying

This is a way of following up with your client which is always effective and reliable. This means that you have to start by making sure they are happy and ready to do more business with you. This is a planned activity that you have to manage and make sure it pays off.


Customer management is the best way of making sure that you have good feedback. It also requires that you understand what your clients want at any given time and provide in advance. If you follow up at every step, you will find that it ends up a rewarding experience. Most of the clients will be ready to come back and make more sales with you.


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