How to answer “tell me about yourself”

This is a question which most candidates get wrong right from the start. When asked to tell the panel about yourself, they are not asking you to tell them how many wives you had. They are also not interested in where you spent your last summer and why! Their focus is to see how you fit in the job right from the start. If you have tons of personal details, you may need to reserve these for other occasions. At this juncture, you have to tell them about yourself in a professional way. Remember to mark that and stick with it!

Review past professional experience

This is where you narrate those items listed in the experience section of your resume. Summarize them in a way that brings out your experience in the professional world. Stick to your mission of selling your expertise well. You cannot afford to try out other fun ideas. Keep to your lane and state only what is relevant for them.

Highlight your relevant exposure

Now, this is where you blend it in well. As you tell the panel about yourself, you also need to highlight experience that relates to the job. That is what they want to hear! Remember that other candidates will also be bringing out their experiences. See to it that you compete well and you give the employer a reason to pick you. If you have done your research well, you will also know which details to include or omit.

Explain why you are the best fit for the job

This is the most important part that should come out in this part. You need to explain why the employer should hire you instead of others desiring the same job. Here is where you bring out those details about your experience that are relevant. The experience you have gained will help you to be an effective employee. This should come out and needs clear identification. By the way, never hesitate to point out some of those hobbies that expose your strengths.

Bring out your main strengths

In this case, we are not referring to general strengths. Only refer to strengths that make you a good employee. In other words, these ate strengths in relation to the job. You can spare other details and leave them for later. If you are being interviewed for an accounting firm, bring out accounting experience. It might be accounting packages or software you have worked with or other areas. Every detail you bring out should highlight a positive. This should contribute to your good picture.


When asked to tell the panel about yourself, you need to sell yourself well. Bring out only the details that are relevant to the job. Other personal details are not necessary here. You can keep them for later. The more you bring out such details, the more you announce your relevance! That is what the interviewer wants to hear. Skip out the other details and make sure you are on point all the time.


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