Diversity and inclusion, unconscious bias

This is one of those sensitive topics that remind us that we have a lot of wrongs to correct. This especially so when you consider the work place. In that setup, interviews are usually fertile ground for bias acts. That is why it makes the best place to apply inclusion. It is also a relevant environment to deal with the agenda of inclusion. Diversity thrives when there is inclusion. It means that you will allow the coexistence between the company and individuals. Of course, you will keep in mind that the individuals are different.

Avoid affinity bias

Now this a very common weakness. You will want to associate with only those that share your interests. This means that you close out those who do not share your treasured values and interests. During interviews, those who don’t share your values don’t even stand a chance to pull through. You will relate with those who share your interests and give a good chance. With inclusion, you have to standardize your questions to allow them come out.

Stay away from confirmation bias

In avoiding this kind of bias, you have to keep your beliefs and other aspects at bay. These should not distract you from getting the best employee especially during interviews. You may need to work at avoiding judging the person based on some background data. This means that even if that data is wrong, you will still fall for it and make a wrong decision.

Be firm and fair despite the views of the majority

That sounds like a rebel leader in action. But that is how it works out. You have to avoid taking a stance of the majority. If the person qualifies for that job, then that’s it! There are no two ways about it! If the majority has decided that the person does not qualify, you need to be with them. If you don’t agree with them, bring it out and let them know. Otherwise, you cannot be following every decision without asking questions! That is dangerous.

Create a fair platform

This starts with the kind of questions you include in the interview. Make sure they are appropriate for you. They should not be bias against some candidates. Level the playing field and let everyone bring out their best. This also means that all aspects should recognize inclusion. There should be no need to start asking questions about why some people did not do this or that. If you have not leveled the playing field, then you can be sure that some candidates won’t manage. Be fair and look at the professional side of things all the time. You will never go wrong with this approach.


Inclusion and avoiding bias are fundamental. They give you a chance to get the best workers. But this also means that these workers enjoy some equity. They will not be failing to make it because of their personal background or related factors. If they can perform, then they deserve a chance.


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