A resume is one of the primary documents to introduce you to your employer. That is why it always needs a professional touch. Even if you are writing it for the first time, do it the correct way. There are some features that should never miss on any winning resume. Some of them might sound too basic for you. But they are also very important. Don’t feel the urge to rush them. Take your time and go through the whole document even after you have finished. It will be worth it. Here are some useful tips for writing a winning resume.

Bring out your strengths

Your strengths are the reasons that would make that employer hire you. When you arrange them in an attractive manner, potential employers will know. Most of them will take that as a reason to invite you for interviews. Be careful and avoid exaggerating your strengths! This sounds like a winning formula. But it can land you into serious trouble. It is better to avoid such and stick to facts.

State your special skills in relation to the job

Did you know that each employer has a list of special skills they look for? You need to know the skills employers are looking for. If you recently did a course where you acquired one of these, let it show. Do not hide them in that corner. These have to relate to the current employer’s demands.

Make your resume relevant to your employer

A resume is not a general document that you only write once and sit back. It needs constant editing so that you update your skills. This includes experience and other details. But the critical part is that you have to focus on relevant details. Your employer may have a particular inclination to certain details. Edit and update your resume to communicate what they need to know. Then you will give yourself an advantage over other applicants. It will definitely work for you.

Include your current portrait

This is the modern norm. You have to include your current picture. This will be useful in making sure that your potential employer can have a quick glimpse of you. Only make sure that you are in formal attire. You have to present yourself in a professional way. By the way, it is very easy to misrepresent yourself in this area. Take time to select the correct picture for this purpose.

Stick to the most relevant details

Your employer needs to know many things about you. But too many details might prove irrelevant and daunting. Take an example of the many times you have been in and out of marriage! Who needs such details when they want to give you the job? This is the kind of data you can leave out with no consequences.


Writing a winning resume starts with ensuring that all details included are current. Leave out unnecessary clatter in the details. Not all the details will be useful to the employer. This is especially true when you go deep into your personal life. Stick to selling your skills and expertise. The rest can flow with the document.


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