How to get a job fresh out of college

Now that you have managed to finish that course, it is time to get started. Landing your first job can be taxing and frustrating. But if you learn the ropes, you can get it done right the first time. You need to know that this requires consistent effort. A job will not land on your doorstep if you sit back and wait for things to sort themselves out. Below are some useful tips you may consider when job hunting.

Apply only to companies you want to work for

A void that temptation of exaggerating your qualifications. This is a temptation if you have reached a desperate phase. This could be dangerous because you may not be ready for this job. Even if you chance takes long, it will come. Do not panic or press the desperate pedal. In fact, this one true test of your worth in the face of different trials. If you can stay true to your abilities, then you have it.

Volunteer as many times as your circumstances allow

This is the secret that most graduates ignore. When you volunteer, you gain more experience. In fact, you also come to learn how the theories come to life in industry. But, most important, you prove your worth to potential employers. When you market your skills this way, you will have more employers coming along.

Work as an intern

Working as an intern comes with its own challenges. But, that is also a brilliant avenue of selling your skills. At the end of the day, you will manage to make your work easy. The employers you are targeting will come your way. They will notice your skills and offer you opportunities you won’t turn away.

Network with other like minds

If you have already formed a WhatsApp group with your former classmates, then you have a good start. As you network with these former classmates, you will learn about opportunities. Most of them could be within and around your vicinity. The more you network, the more you come to discover the power of teaming up. This will make your job search much easier.

Visit company websites and job agencies

This is one sure way of getting your first job. You can start by looking up the websites of job agencies. But if they are not providing the answer you seek, turn elsewhere. This time, you can check out the sites run by companies. Usually, such companies are more direct and many jobs feature on the sites.


Landing your first job starts with opening up options available. If you do not take advantage, you will not manage to get that job you need. You do not need having a choosy character when you are starting. You need experience so that you can strengthen you curriculum vitae. Open up to the job market and search. Ask around so that you reduce on the time required to land that fist job. At the same time, if you have a chance of volunteering, go for it! Employers need to see you in action.


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