Your career can not grow by the mere passing of time. It requires deliberate effort. Otherwise, it might remain static or pull down the losing lane. Planning to progress your career makes the whole difference. You might think that you are fine until you take an honest audit of your career.

Make long term goals

Long-term goals are good for keeping you focused. These are goals that you can’t reach in a short while. You can decide to work on your abilities or enhance your skills. As long as the goal will take longer, it will also cost some money. This will call for consistent planning so that you don’t miss out on such opportunities. In some cases, you can even try out to attach milestones that should lead to the main goal.

Aim for intermediate career milestones

This is one of the realistic ways of doing things. Instead of waiting for all the way for those goals to come to light after so many years, make intermediate goals. Intermediate goals good for giving you motivation. It is always a realistic way of getting to your destination.

Continue learning

This is the secret that makes your career shine all the way. If you want to continue making progress, there is no better way than to continue upgrading. The learning process is continuous and should never remain on the side of the road. It means well especially when you use it well. Continue studying making progress.

Challenge abilities

This always sounds nasty the first time you hear about it. But, challenging your abilities is not a way of torturing yourself for no reason. It is a little secret to making you push the parts of your brain you rarely use. This technique works well for helping you do new things and fit in new environments.

The timing makes the whole difference

If you are trying to map out your career in 3 to 5 years, then you have to watch each year. This means that if you realize that you did not perform well in the first year, try the second year. Make corrections that will matter. At the end of the three years, make drastic changes where needed. If you have observed too many mistakes that came in the past, then you have to check how you fared. Correct them as you head for the final years. Look at how you have enriched your mental faculties.


Making an excellent map to spin between 3 and 5 years is not rocket science. You have to give it a shot and push in your very best. Never slumber along the way because you have a lot of work to do. In some cases, you can even find that it is easier to run your race on your terms. Unlike waiting for others to remind you about how you need to treat your own career progression. It is your life and you have to take charge all the way.

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